Getting Ready

It is good to see a person who is accustomed to getting things done to begin doing them before he actually takes over the position for which he has been selected. This is true in any organization, council, legislature or chief executive. Preparation for the first day is most important and getting the right people in place is essential.

These lessons are learned by education surely, but mostly by experience and trial and error. If the error produces valuable lessons, they have been not been wasted. This type of confidence in judgment is an example, and a departure, from many of those who have tried to begin fresh and head in a new direction. Some have done better than others, but none I can recall have begun like we are seeing before us now in everyday news. There is sniping, as expected. There is also praise, as expected.

The proof will be in the continued preparation and doing of the job. My guess is the new guy will take responsibility, because that is what he is used to doing, and will only have himself to blame if things do not go well. He will also be able to receive credit for preparing for the biggest challenge he has faced so far. I do love to see a job well-done, and have a vested interest in seeing it in the next months and years. No whining! Let’s go to work.



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