Know the Game

Those who advocate the encouragement of abortion as an option to unwanted pregnancy firmly believe they have covered themselves with enough layers of justification for their stand. Further, they defy anyone who deigns to question or differ with their view. There are several things they have forgotten along the way as they continue efforts to protect the practices of organizations such as Planned Parenthood, or more accurately, non-parenthood.

First, they still use the term “abortion” and do not deny that. The problem is they claim many of these “procedures” are not done on babies. Yet, that is exactly what is being done. They acknowledge a pregnancy, but do not say what the girl or woman is pregnant with. If it is only “tissue” or a “mass”, use of the term abortion is inappropriate. If a person has a tumor or anything that does not belong in the body, the term abortion is never used. To remove cancer is not abortion. An appendectomy is not an abortion. The surgery or other treatment done on an intruding entity is just that: surgery or treatment. By definition (apart from the common definition as termination of human pregnancy) an abortion is “arrested development”. This term is used for such situations as military operations. We say “abort” when things are going badly and we need to halt the mission. In the womb, if allowed to continue, the baby will be born and grow into an adult, barring disease or accident. During an abortion, the human life is killed while still in the womb. There is no way around it.

Second, as the repeated claim of doing “much more other good work” is the defense, why not simply discontinue the abortion services, and continue the rest? If only three percent of the services are abortions, why not avoid the public outcry by focusing on the other 97% and continue being supported by federal funding? The truth is, they could never give that up, and money is to be made on the practice of abortion.

Third, not only Planned Parenthood, but most of the other healthcare providers leave out one specific, practical bit of advice. Having sex can lead to conception. That is not news, but is dismissed as advice for those prior to becoming pregnant, or for those who have become pregnant for future reference. If we leave out the moral and spiritual angles, the practical approach seems still perfectly obvious. Too many times we are made to feel we have treaded on a person’s personal believes, so we fear being labeled as prudish or a Bible-thumper. We encourage people to quit smoking due to the risks to their health, yet we are afraid to encourage abstinence for those who would become pregnant and treat the baby as a disease.

I don’t expect Planned Parenthood or its supporters to change their thinking, but I do hope we can continue the battle for those who did not make the decision to be conceived or the decision about whether to live. We should not be fooled by their attempts to legitimize a brutal practice.



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