Basic Civility

The recent gathering of women in Washington was nothing to be proud of, even if you agreed with some of the ideas presented. Actually they weren’t presented, they were screamed using profanity and insults that totally wiped out any “message”, if there was one.

So far, I have seen no cohesive message, other than they were really angry, beside themselves, aimless and followers of whoever commandeered the mic at any moment. If there had been a message, it was lost in the parade of howlers that pretended to be leaders of something incomprehensible. I would have felt more comfortable in any federal prison that day than in that crowd. Whatever they feel they lost in the election, they lost any semblance of respect or dignity. About 98% of their anger was about things that have not happened yet. Their pre-emptive nightmares haven’t yet unfolded; yet they implode.

Maybe we should give them a safe space to regain their ability to think clearly and operate within the system that allows for such nonsense. Meanwhile, the rest of us have work to do.


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