Losing It

What will they do? Those coming completely unhinged over what has not yet happened will someday face the reality of the real world. No amount of screaming, whining or seeking safe places will prepare them when life catches up and they realize they cannot make it go away. Refusal to acknowledge the world as it is will only prepare them to seek the fantasy world of standing on street corners dressed as body parts. That will not get them jobs.

I thought about the resumes of those who throw fits for a living, and what success they will have at an interview. “Tell us about your experience.” “I have protested in various places and shouted profanity as loudly as I could, and was voted the best creator of private parts of the group.” I would guess there would not be much market for that kind of experience.

Just like the hippies of the ‘60s, they will eventually have to face the real world. They will have to support their families and recognize that no matter how much they worship the “anti-everything” god, they will still have to step up to something and contribute to the common good. They simply do not know how to learn from loss. They would rather refuse to believe it exists, and tear up property and abuse those who voted differently than they did. This is lack of character at its deepest and most obvious.

I say let them yell till they run out energy. Then, while they try to recover from their worst nightmare, show them what working and living is all about.



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