The New Way

If you want to be considered part of the cool, elite, smart and progressive circles in our society, you might give some consideration to what you will leave behind.

First, you will abandon tried and true methods that gradually change because of need for improvement in outcomes. To change these overnight is to lose the structure that gave us the platform and place to stand both politically and morally. So, you will be constantly experimenting with “new” ideas (which have been tried and failed many times) and resolve that someone has a better idea. You will believe you know who that someone is, and you will be aligned with their thinking, regardless of success or failure.

Second, you will abandon the very things that brought you into the world and sustain you in your “right” to push the envelope. The envelope should be pushed, but not destroyed. You will ignore history and fail to learn from it. You will now be certain your group has a better ideology; a better system and an overtly “benevolent” country that treats everyone alike, even if they want to destroy us. You will feel better about yourself by advocating that there are no winners and losers, despite the fact that real life doesn’t reflect that. You will forget that your mother had enough morals and unselfish maturity to carry you to term and deliver you so you can aspire to be smarter than others. You will likely regard those who look at history and use it to determine the way into the future as small, petty and outdated.

Third, you will learn new applications of words such as “hater” or “extremist” for those who disagree, and you will jump at the chance to add these labels to those who hold on to tradition in any form. You will also seek to silence those who agree with freedom of speech if they do not follow your intelligent worldview. You will abandon the ability to hold rational debates and ignore the natural and theological fact that humans are prone to seek power and fail when they get it.

There could be more points to this subject, but you get the idea. To heck with wisdom from our ancestors! To heck with the old white men who disagreed, argued and sought to find a form of government that would serve the people, and not the other way around! To heck with everything prior to the last century when the cool, smart and progressive leaders really began to transform our nation into a global community! So, you can race ahead of the traditionalists who are a drag on society and lead the way toward big brother who knows everything.



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