Month: March 2017

Keeping it Simple

It’s not hard. We make it so. We tend to complicate things we want to avoid. My sister used to say she didn’t know how to run the vacuum cleaner. Yet, she could figure out how to get around the tallest girls and make all-state in basketball as a high school sophomore.

I probably did the same thing in algebra class. I was enamored by the girl across the aisle, so algebra was too hard to contemplate. The chairs were situated so I had to look right past her to see the teacher. I hardly ever saw the teacher. I heard him a few times, saying something about “x and y”. I got by, with her and with algebra, but I didn’t get an A in either.

Why, then, do we avoid things that are permanent? We make those permanent things a matter of “interpretation” or “philosophical viewpoint” to be debated and then left on the dining room table to be picked up when we have nothing else to do. The permanent things: love, truth, beauty, heaven, hell and eternity are things essential for us to consider both now and for the future. They are not complicated. Facing them is not torture, but ultimate liberation. Each can deliver us from the delirium of “here” to the divine of “there”. That’s worth spending our time on.