Honor to Whom It is Due

One thing we need to recognize and never let go of, is honor. Sometimes we overuse the word “hero”, maybe because we need them so much, to the point we call anyone who does anything out of an ordinary day a hero. This tends to inflate the term to the point that it is not really special anymore. It is important for us to realize how grateful we should be to those who have done extraordinary things on behalf of other people to truly rise to the rank of hero.

People who do good and valuable things each day to help individuals should be regarded with honor for those things. Not necessarily a parade, but a certain respect for the glue they provide in holding together families, churches and communities. In fact, most of them would be uncomfortable with parades because they were raised and bred to help. They know their forebears have handed down to them a cause larger than themselves. They are wired to be of value, simply because that is what we do. The parts of the whole need glue to hold it together, and they are more than willing to do that task.

I see those individuals everywhere who stick through thick and thin. They are people you will not notice until they are absent. Something is amiss and someone else must step in or things will go wrong. They do not expect anything, but there is something we can do for them and for us all, show them honor. By doing so, we remain faithful to them and their like who provide the continuity for us to pass down good and permanent things to our children and their children.



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