Month: December 2017

It Will Not Work

Any effort to squelch Christ, the church, Christmas or any positive sentiment or hope will not work. The body of Christ has been here longer than any existing civilization, and will be until God brings this world to an end.

Efforts to rid society of God may seem at times to be winning, but are temporary and limited. God is unlimited, and so are his people, though frail and weak at times. They will continue to try, in the name of some cleansing or constitutional notion, but it is futile. Neither in this country nor any other will Christianity be eliminated.

Let them ricochet off the walls, in the square or in our schools. They cannot win their misguided war. A few battles may seem to momentarily put them ahead, but to no eventual avail. As someone has said, “As long as there are tests in schools, there will be prayer.” The same is true for everyday life at work or home.

They can protest, scream or cry. They will have to put up with the peace and love that pervades our world as the light continues to shine through the cracks of their armor. We pray and hope they will allow the unfailing love of his presence to mellow any need for resistance. Meanwhile, enjoy his hope and promise of a permanent place where there will only be his eternal presence.