Month: January 2018

Real News

Real news is local.

It’s understandable that a major event with many people affected, and requiring a large response is news. That’s news we can and maybe should be aware of, especially if we can help. However, what if there are no such things happening on a given day? Tons of money and 24 hours in a day must be filled with something. Then, news is created by giving urgent attention to people and events that few outside a ten-foot radius really care about. I just read a headline saying a politician was seen with a woman who said something about another woman. I can’t even track the meaning of the headline much less what the real story might be (I didn’t read the story). I can’t help but suspect someone with a deadline on a “non-news” day had to come up with something.

It’s hard for us to even imagine finding out about major events two weeks later in a newspaper. How did those late-learners manage to carry on with their lives not knowing those things? I think they probably did their daily business as usual. What passes for news today would not get 10 seconds of their time. They would not have looked up from their plow or desk. Life would not change in the least.

It’s only important when something happens to someone close by, and we can help. I do want to keep up in a general way with current events on a large scale. But an opinion from someone who has no real knowledge of it in the first place is simply extra debris thrown in the way of useable information, and is a waste of my time. Our two most important resources are time and energy, and it’s important to use both wisely. I was stuck in the snow a few years ago with my small pick-up truck, and it wasn’t someone’s opinion that got me out. It was the kindness of someone who could pull me out that accomplished something. My real news was getting unstuck and the gratitude to someone who helped.

Real news is local.