We’re Already Doing It

We are doing it, every day. We may not be doing it enough, but certainly not too much. If we look, we can see it on a consistent basis. Loving, helping, talking and doing. We can easily accomplish things in this world, if we simply do what has been bred into us from our good parents, grandparents, etc. They were solid people who taught us one way or another that people help other people. This is not newsworthy, as the “news people” see it. Who cares about that? People benefit from our presence, even if we or they cannot explain it. It’s just done.

Four men carried a paralytic to Jesus for healing. The house was packed and the door was blocked. They carried him up onto the roof, and made a hole there large enough to let him down into the room where Jesus was. Jesus commended their faith, and forgave the paralytic of his sins. Since that wasn’t visible and incurred the questioning of his authority to forgive sins, he then told the man to pick up his mat and walk. He did! If the crowd didn’t pay any attention to let him in, they certainly did to let him out. He came in one way, and left another. Jesus had power over sickness and sin after all.

The four men who carried him in had done their job. They are mentioned no more. Even if they did it just to get relief from their heavy load, they did much more than that. Can we be mat carriers for another? We can carry others to Jesus in prayer for a spiritual touch. I believe many are already doing that, and the results could be more than we imagine. That’s okay. Those who carry mats will carry more when needed. All this will overcome everything. We are already doing it. No one can stop us.


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