Month: September 2018


In the battles that are politics and even daily life, we need to change just a few words to change the atmosphere of the discussion. We read lots of words, so much that I can’t keep track of the convoluted collection of words that are supposed to convey something. I find myself asking, “What is being said here?” Often I just give up and move on without trying to figure it out. I also conclude I haven’t missed anything. My life has not been impacted at all.

Could we simply say we are different? We see things differently across a wide spectrum of things, from politics to what to have for dinner. Often, when we realize that we see things differently, we can then pursue how differently and why. Amazingly, we can then have what used to be called a conversation! It could even escalate to a debate, but about he subject, not about the worth of the other person.

What if I allow that you are sincerely convinced of something I just can’t see? Am I good and you bad? Does that make me wise you and you unwise? If I carry that to its logical conclusion, I may say things about you that are entirely untrue. I may conclude you aren’t even interested in any other point of view. Sometimes that may be the case, but I also must admit that works both ways. Years ago, I began to see a pattern with a man who could be frustrating because of his initial approach to nearly any subject. I realized that if I could wait for his third sentence, he made a lot of sense! I learned to wait for it to get to the point where we could even agree, but it usually only began with that third sentence.

We will be different. We can be, because we can’t control completely¬†how we are wired. We can, however change views based on the recognition that our differences can to a matter of information, and not character.