Losing It

What will they do? Those coming completely unhinged over what has not yet happened will someday face the reality of the real world. No amount of screaming, whining or seeking safe places will prepare them when life catches up and they realize they cannot make it go away. Refusal to acknowledge the world as it is will only prepare them to seek the fantasy world of standing on street corners dressed as body parts. That will not get them jobs.

I thought about the resumes of those who throw fits for a living, and what success they will have at an interview. “Tell us about your experience.” “I have protested in various places and shouted profanity as loudly as I could, and was voted the best creator of private parts of the group.” I would guess there would not be much market for that kind of experience.

Just like the hippies of the ‘60s, they will eventually have to face the real world. They will have to support their families and recognize that no matter how much they worship the “anti-everything” god, they will still have to step up to something and contribute to the common good. They simply do not know how to learn from loss. They would rather refuse to believe it exists, and tear up property and abuse those who voted differently than they did. This is lack of character at its deepest and most obvious.

I say let them yell till they run out energy. Then, while they try to recover from their worst nightmare, show them what working and living is all about.



Basic Civility

The recent gathering of women in Washington was nothing to be proud of, even if you agreed with some of the ideas presented. Actually they weren’t presented, they were screamed using profanity and insults that totally wiped out any “message”, if there was one.

So far, I have seen no cohesive message, other than they were really angry, beside themselves, aimless and followers of whoever commandeered the mic at any moment. If there had been a message, it was lost in the parade of howlers that pretended to be leaders of something incomprehensible. I would have felt more comfortable in any federal prison that day than in that crowd. Whatever they feel they lost in the election, they lost any semblance of respect or dignity. About 98% of their anger was about things that have not happened yet. Their pre-emptive nightmares haven’t yet unfolded; yet they implode.

Maybe we should give them a safe space to regain their ability to think clearly and operate within the system that allows for such nonsense. Meanwhile, the rest of us have work to do.

Know the Game

Those who advocate the encouragement of abortion as an option to unwanted pregnancy firmly believe they have covered themselves with enough layers of justification for their stand. Further, they defy anyone who deigns to question or differ with their view. There are several things they have forgotten along the way as they continue efforts to protect the practices of organizations such as Planned Parenthood, or more accurately, non-parenthood.

First, they still use the term “abortion” and do not deny that. The problem is they claim many of these “procedures” are not done on babies. Yet, that is exactly what is being done. They acknowledge a pregnancy, but do not say what the girl or woman is pregnant with. If it is only “tissue” or a “mass”, use of the term abortion is inappropriate. If a person has a tumor or anything that does not belong in the body, the term abortion is never used. To remove cancer is not abortion. An appendectomy is not an abortion. The surgery or other treatment done on an intruding entity is just that: surgery or treatment. By definition (apart from the common definition as termination of human pregnancy) an abortion is “arrested development”. This term is used for such situations as military operations. We say “abort” when things are going badly and we need to halt the mission. In the womb, if allowed to continue, the baby will be born and grow into an adult, barring disease or accident. During an abortion, the human life is killed while still in the womb. There is no way around it.

Second, as the repeated claim of doing “much more other good work” is the defense, why not simply discontinue the abortion services, and continue the rest? If only three percent of the services are abortions, why not avoid the public outcry by focusing on the other 97% and continue being supported by federal funding? The truth is, they could never give that up, and money is to be made on the practice of abortion.

Third, not only Planned Parenthood, but most of the other healthcare providers leave out one specific, practical bit of advice. Having sex can lead to conception. That is not news, but is dismissed as advice for those prior to becoming pregnant, or for those who have become pregnant for future reference. If we leave out the moral and spiritual angles, the practical approach seems still perfectly obvious. Too many times we are made to feel we have treaded on a person’s personal believes, so we fear being labeled as prudish or a Bible-thumper. We encourage people to quit smoking due to the risks to their health, yet we are afraid to encourage abstinence for those who would become pregnant and treat the baby as a disease.

I don’t expect Planned Parenthood or its supporters to change their thinking, but I do hope we can continue the battle for those who did not make the decision to be conceived or the decision about whether to live. We should not be fooled by their attempts to legitimize a brutal practice.


Keeping Watch

On the night Jesus was born, the shepherds were keeping watch over their flocks by night. After the Lord’s birth, they were the first to get the news from the angel. They came and saw what they were told, and then told others what they had seen.

Keeping watch, a simple task, or so it would seem. While not an educated position, it required what most of us would likely not be able to do. It required presence. This is not a job that could be done from a distance. They had to actually lay eyes on the sheep and their surroundings to see that they were safe. It also required vigilance, so nothing foreign not belonging in the flock crept in. A quiet flock tended not to pay attention when danger was near. These men led their flocks from the front; they did not drive them from the rear, as cattle. They spent much of their lives in isolated places, looking for green grass, always for the sheep. It was their job, and often their life.

It seems conservatives are “watch-keepers” as well to a large degree. They realize that change is natural, but also are concerned that change comes naturally. If things move too quickly, the past gets left behind, and history is forgotten. The permanent things will be abandoned for the latest utopian idea of fixing all the problems of the world. Each new generation of “fixers” brings a reflexive experiment or two, or six that is supposed to make everything wonderful. It may look good on paper, but they tend to forget two important things: humans devised the plan and humans are expected to implement it as written. Both are fraught with error. Change comes as needed, not as forced. It takes a large entity (such as a powerful central organization) to force the change, immediately.

Looking back to history, we find that there is “nothing new under the sun” and that most quick fixes have been tried, many times. Stability has its advantages, and to throw it to the wind is to invite chaos. The French revolution is the classic example. The overthrow of the royalty resulted in thousands of deaths in the utter anarchy that resulted, and the effects are still being felt. The same thing happened in Russia with the overthrow and death of the czar and his family. While not the best ruler, the ones following conducted purges that killed millions of people and locked many countries into a slave-oriented lock-step existence. Those in power considered themselves to have the “best” answers.

Conservatives know that they do not have the best ideas over anyone else, but they also know that no one person or small group does either. As with the shepherds, we cannot keep watch from a distance, but can keep watch more effectively locally, where we can sit at tables and counters and talk. Thinking people need to communicate, and not throw phrases at each other from across the country.


Guessing Game

What did they miss? Those who were confident in the outcome of the election before the polls opened were stunned when those polls closed and the returns began coming in. What happened? Part of the explanation is that Christian voters turned out to make their voices heard. Among other reasons (such as wishful thinking), there was the outright misunderstanding of what Christian voters would do.

Some of those who expected Christians to vote a certain way just do not understand the Christian mindset at all. Others, who have had just enough Christianity to make them miserable  (like a flu shot), and have a preconceived idea of what they believe Christians should do based on their little experience and learning  likely never got it in the first place. This is not to doubt that stereotypes do exist, and often with good reason, but they do not deserve a blanket categorization of what ought to be.

The fact is there is no predicting what Christians will do and how they will vote. There will be a general worldview that most will follow. Yet, they are human, and subject to fallibility. In spite of those who believe Christians think themselves as being always right, we know differently. Additionally, we also receive the expressions of anger and frustration from those who think they had us figured out, and we didn’t respond as they had expected. It will be more productive when others realize we are not the enemy. We may be voting our conscience, but only the individual believer and God know what that is.

Getting Ready

It is good to see a person who is accustomed to getting things done to begin doing them before he actually takes over the position for which he has been selected. This is true in any organization, council, legislature or chief executive. Preparation for the first day is most important and getting the right people in place is essential.

These lessons are learned by education surely, but mostly by experience and trial and error. If the error produces valuable lessons, they have been not been wasted. This type of confidence in judgment is an example, and a departure, from many of those who have tried to begin fresh and head in a new direction. Some have done better than others, but none I can recall have begun like we are seeing before us now in everyday news. There is sniping, as expected. There is also praise, as expected.

The proof will be in the continued preparation and doing of the job. My guess is the new guy will take responsibility, because that is what he is used to doing, and will only have himself to blame if things do not go well. He will also be able to receive credit for preparing for the biggest challenge he has faced so far. I do love to see a job well-done, and have a vested interest in seeing it in the next months and years. No whining! Let’s go to work.


Time Wins

No matter how wonderful or evil a person is, eventually they will succumb to time. Our news yesterday bore the story of the death of Fidel Castro. There are different views of him and his life. I think of him as a brutal tyrant that may have had a good idea once, but it quickly turned into a power-hungry, 50-plus years of absolute control over a people. Yet, his time has come and gone. We are yet to see if any real change occurs. It may not be until time also catches up with his brother Raul that noticeable change occurs.

If we have the patience, we can wait out the bad actors in our world. Only then can we set about re-building the damaged structures and traditions that have been lost. On the other hand, if we feel we have had the best leaders we could have, time still takes that good and puts us back to work to ensure the good things continue.

I am comfortable with our election results. I am content to wait and see what time and abilities bring. Maybe my comfort will turn to anxiety, but maybe not. Time will reveal all, and it usually takes more of it than we like. We have grown impatient to the point that we comment on events before it has finished happening. We place blame before things are sorted out and we can get facts. Time wins, every time. We can use it to our advantage, or let it slip away while we lament what it has failed to give us for now.

One Moon

On a run last night I ran east and saw the large red moon coming up, and was in awe. While the red ball rose from the horizon, I knew a lot of people were observing the same moon.

In fact, it’s the same moon that rose over England, Australia, the himalayas, Germany and Washington D.C. Yes, our country is still graced by the “lesser light” as created by God. The reminders are all around us.The creation is greater than our politics and our elation, grief and our indifference. Unless the Creator intervenes, the “greater light” will rise tomorrow and deliver another day of work and play.

We go on, because He goes on. It is true that beauty, goodness and truth are in short supply, but they still exist. They always will. They are the permanent things.

Can We Make It?

Finally, we are about to go to the polls. Finally we can have our say. Finally we can pull up the yard signs and hear something besides those ads. But, this is the process. Gone (if they ever existed since the founding) are the days when a good person was drafted to run for office. Those who would be our leaders are not lifted up on our shoulders and carried into office. Those who want to lead have to work for it.

How many times I have wished we could locate a good leader, put him/her before the people and undeniably elect them! The problem is, few really good leaders want to run, given the intense nature of the process. Only at local levels can running be doable for most of us, and even then it can be ugly. After all, much more is known locally than nationally about a person. An unknown in a small town is just that, unknown, and unlikely to garner much favor among the people.

Trust is built over time, and the record must be knowable, and clear. If we could discount promises (which are constantly broken anyway) and focus on a track of demonstrated ability to accomplish things and build up people, we could grant ourselves something positive. Meanwhile, here we go again!


Dragging to the Polls

Can we do better next time? Given we have narrowed down (effectively at least) the election to two candidates, much as been made about the “lesser of two evils” nature of this cycle. It is sad that most of us will vote on the candidate least likely to do us harm or the one with the least negative ratings. Also, many will still vote on impulsive emotion, since we are so angry and we want to take our country back. The problem is, we have given it away in the first place.

We can’t avoid the reality that the fault is ours, the non-paid-for voters. We still go to the polls and cast our ballot in primaries (assuming we did) and select from a number of candidates before it narrows down to two. If we, in a collective sense, did differently then we might have it better now.

Since I became eligible to vote, this will be the 11th general election in which I will have cast a ballot. I can remember only two in which my first choice in the early primaries made it to the election itself, and it was the same candidate in both. The only significance that has is that others have consistently thought differently than me. I am okay with that, and do not lament that fact. Does that mean “they” have gotten it wrong that many times? Maybe. I have enough trust left to believe we will give ourselves better choices in the future, starting at the most local level, right up to the top job. Even if we can’t vote rationally this time, let’s think earlier next time and give ourselves better choices. There are better people; we just need to find them and vote accordingly.